My fashion sense is definitely heterodox. Anyone can go anywhere and piece together the Generic items in a store but I go for the one thing that no one wants and let it define me! (Outfits I styled)

Diary of a Style Maven👔

The most ambiguous thing about Washingtonians aren’t there political views but there sense of style. Like life, style is a series of negotiations and it will never stop, but as time presses on it should evolve. Having worked three retail jobs and now a dry cleaners its evident to me that the people of D.C. have the essentials but they lack the ambition to embellish or update there mundane color pallet. The image is the message and its time dc broke the rules of Conventionality and move Fiercely into an age where Glamour is a hot commodity in the Political sphere! Fear not Citizens of DC I’m here to save you one fashion mistake at a time!

A Passage from “Character, I AM” unpublished by Bradley Chambers

Society itself maybe seen as a textured but seamless web of stories emerging through interactions: holding people together, pulling people apart and making societies work (Palmer, 5). However it’s important for us to realize that anything new that we do is built upon the backs of those who did things before us. But every time we break the taboo of our silence we find our sense of identity and bit by bit, putting it together we give birth to a community that, Wayne Curtis describes as “stirring a powerful empathy in each of us and brings to mind our own years of fears and pain… [our stories are] a personal statement of worth and self-respect.”….

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